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Petcube: Reimagining Pet Care
Why do we love Pit Bulls?
Anyone who has ever owned a Bully knows that there is nothing better then getting home after a long day to find your bully baby so happy to see you return, that they can't even contain their joy. Face licks, bouncing bodies, and yes even the zoomies! Let's not forget that big, beautiful head, just begging to be rubbed. Or that childlike spirit… full of innocence and hope… despite the harsh realities of the world. Maybe it's walking into a room to find their toys in a million pieces and the look of "I don't know what happened" on that big sweet face. Or not ever having to eat, sleep, or use the bathroom alone. Let's face it, we love our furry shadows.
We love them for their loyalty… the unwavering devotion in the face of cruelty, neglect, and abuse.  They have this undying will to please their owner. The drive for praise at any cost and an endless desire for compassion of any kind. 

They have a love that often waits for an entire lifetime… to be given. The love that dies… in the dog fighting ring… on the end of a chain… or at the pound. The love wasted, the lives forsaken, the beauty forgotten.
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We love them even more  because the media has inaccurately and wrongfully demonized them therefore the public believes the lies and jumps on the bashing band wagon. 
We love them and fight for them because Breed Specific Legislation (B.S.L) has enacted laws banning these amazing creatures… laws that seek to destroy every last living, breathing Pit Bull in America. A law that rips them away from their families and sentences them to death. 
This is why we why we fight for them…
These precious souls are the most abused breed in existence… and the most highly euthanized breed in shelters. In many American shelters, strict policies prohibit the adoption of bully breeds, eliminating all hope for these dogs. Even when given the chance for a family, no one wants to adopt them. It’s the heartbreak of knowing, that after a lifetime of suffering… and then being dumped at the pound, their only way out… their only chance for mercy… is death. This is why we care so much…

We love and fight for them because even in no-kill shelters, Pit Bulls often spend their entire lives waiting for someone to take them home. For so many, that adoption day will never come. While waiting on that unlikely chance for a family, many of these dogs will slowly lose their minds living in a tiny shelter kennel.  Due to the stress of shelter confinement and the lack of socialization, their already small chances of adoption are soon reduced to no chance at all of ever getting out.  For bully breeds, the never-ending dream of having a family of their own… is only a dream… So we fight...

After weeks, months, and years of waiting in a shelter for a family who will never come for them, all hope turns to despair… all desire turns to depression… all joy turns to anguish. Across the country, millions of these beautiful, amazing dogs are simply living each day… waiting to die.
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 Our love for them is a reflection of their love for us… unconditional, unwavering, and infinite.  We want to change the world for them… to end the unspeakable suffering… to tell them that they matter… and to return the love they so freely and unselfishly give.  We realize that we possess the power to do all of these things. . 
No matter the reasons why we love them it will never compare to their love for us. 
So please help us, help them....
Peace, Love, and Pittie Paws.



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